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oCwxMessageDialog::ButtonLabelHelper class allowing to use either stock id or string labels
oCwxWindow::ChildrenRepositioningGuardHelper for ensuring EndRepositioningChildren() is called correctly
oCwxImage::HSVValueA simple class which stores hue, saturation and value as doubles in the range 0.0-1.0
oCwxPixelData< Image, PixelFormat >::IteratorThe iterator of class wxPixelData
oCwxFileType::MessageParametersClass representing message parameters
oCwxImage::RGBValueA simple class which stores red, green and blue values as 8 bit unsigned integers in the range of 0-255
oCtemplate wxPixelDataIn< PixelFormat >
oCwxDateTime::TimeZoneClass representing a time zone
oCwxDateTime::TmContains broken down date-time representation
oCwxAboutDialogInfoWxAboutDialogInfo contains information shown in the standard About dialog displayed by the wxAboutBox() function
oCwxAcceleratorEntryAn object used by an application wishing to create an accelerator table (see wxAcceleratorTable)
oCwxAffineMatrix2DBaseA 2x3 matrix representing an affine 2D transformation
oCwxAnyContainer for any type
oCwxAnyValueBufferType for buffer within wxAny for holding data
oCwxAnyValueTypeWxAnyValueType is base class for value type functionality for C++ data types used with wxAny
oCwxAppTraitsDefines various configurable aspects of a wxApp
oCwxArchiveIteratorAn input iterator template class that can be used to transfer an archive's catalogue to a container
oCwxArchiveNotifierIf you need to know when a wxArchiveInputStream updates a wxArchiveEntry object, you can create a notifier by deriving from this abstract base class, overriding wxArchiveNotifier::OnEntryUpdated
oCwxArray< T >This section describes the so called "dynamic arrays"
oCwxAuiDockArtWxAuiDockArt is part of the wxAUI class framework
oCwxAuiPaneInfoWxAuiPaneInfo is part of the wxAUI class framework
oCwxAuiTabArtTab art provider defines all the drawing functions used by wxAuiNotebook
oCwxAuiTabContainerWxAuiTabContainer is a class which contains information about each tab
oCwxAuiTabContainerButtonA simple class which holds information about wxAuiNotebook tab buttons and their state
oCwxAuiToolBarArtWxAuiToolBarArt is part of the wxAUI class framework
oCwxAuiToolBarItemWxAuiToolBarItem is part of the wxAUI class framework, representing a toolbar element
oCwxBrushListA brush list is a list containing all brushes which have been created
oCwxBusyCursorThis class makes it easy to tell your user that the program is temporarily busy
oCwxBusyInfoThis class makes it easy to tell your user that the program is temporarily busy
oCwxCalendarDateAttrWxCalendarDateAttr is a custom attributes for a calendar date
oCwxCaretA caret is a blinking cursor showing the position where the typed text will appear
oCwxClassInfoThis class stores meta-information about classes
oCwxClientDataAll classes deriving from wxEvtHandler (such as all controls and wxApp) can hold arbitrary data which is here referred to as "client data"
oCwxClientDataContainerThis class is a mixin that provides storage and management of "client data"
oCwxCmdLineArgThe interface wxCmdLineArg provides information for an instance of argument passed on command line
oCwxCmdLineArgsAn ordered collection of wxCmdLineArg providing an iterator to enumerate the arguments passed on command line
oCwxCmdLineEntryDescThe structure wxCmdLineEntryDesc is used to describe a command line switch, option or parameter
oCwxCmdLineParserWxCmdLineParser is a class for parsing the command line
oCwxColourDatabaseWxWidgets maintains a database of standard RGB colours for a predefined set of named colours
oCwxComboCtrlFeaturesFeatures enabled for wxComboCtrl
oCwxComboPopupIn order to use a custom popup with wxComboCtrl, an interface class must be derived from wxComboPopup
oCwxConditionWxCondition variables correspond to pthread conditions or to Win32 event objects
oCwxConfigPathChangerA handy little class which changes the current path in a wxConfig object and restores it in dtor
oCwxCriticalSectionA critical section object is used for exactly the same purpose as a wxMutex
oCwxCriticalSectionLockerThis is a small helper class to be used with wxCriticalSection objects
oCwxDataFormatA wxDataFormat is an encapsulation of a platform-specific format handle which is used by the system for the clipboard and drag and drop operations
oCwxDataInputStreamThis class provides functions that read binary data types in a portable way
oCwxDataObjectA wxDataObject represents data that can be copied to or from the clipboard, or dragged and dropped
oCwxDataOutputStreamThis class provides functions that write binary data types in a portable way
oCwxDataViewItemWxDataViewItem is a small opaque class that represents an item in a wxDataViewCtrl in a persistent way, i.e
oCwxDataViewItemAttrThis class is used to indicate to a wxDataViewCtrl that a certain item (see wxDataViewItem) has extra font attributes for its renderer
oCwxDataViewModelNotifierA wxDataViewModelNotifier instance is owned by a wxDataViewModel and mirrors its notification interface
oCwxDateSpanThis class is a "logical time span" and is useful for implementing program logic for such things as "add one month to the date" which, in general, doesn't mean to add 60*60*24*31 seconds to it, but to take the same date the next month (to understand that this is indeed different consider adding one month to Feb, 15 – we want to get Mar, 15, of course)
oCwxDateTimeWxDateTime class represents an absolute moment in time
oCwxDCBrushChangerWxDCBrushChanger is a small helper class for setting a brush on a wxDC and unsetting it automatically in the destructor, restoring the previous one
oCwxDCClipperWxDCClipper is a helper class for setting a clipping region on a wxDC during its lifetime
oCwxDCFontChangerWxDCFontChanger is a small helper class for setting a font on a wxDC and unsetting it automatically in the destructor, restoring the previous one
oCwxDCOverlayConnects an overlay with a drawing DC
oCwxDCPenChangerWxDCPenChanger is a small helper class for setting a pen on a wxDC and unsetting it automatically in the destructor, restoring the previous one
oCwxDCTextColourChangerWxDCTextColourChanger is a small helper class for setting a foreground text colour on a wxDC and unsetting it automatically in the destructor, restoring the previous one
oCwxDDEServerA wxDDEServer object represents the server part of a client-server DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) conversation
oCwxDebugContextA class for performing various debugging and memory tracing operations
oCwxDebugReportWxDebugReport is used to generate a debug report, containing information about the program current state
oCwxDebugReportPreviewThis class presents the debug report to the user and allows him to veto report entirely or remove some parts of it
oCwxDialogLayoutAdapterThis abstract class is the base for classes that help wxWidgets perform run-time layout adaptation of dialogs
oCwxDialUpManagerThis class encapsulates functions dealing with verifying the connection status of the workstation (connected to the Internet via a direct connection, connected through a modem or not connected at all) and to establish this connection if possible/required (i.e
oCwxDirWxDir is a portable equivalent of Unix open/read/closedir functions which allow enumerating of the files in a directory
oCwxDirTraverserWxDirTraverser is an abstract interface which must be implemented by objects passed to wxDir::Traverse() function
oCwxDisplayDetermines the sizes and locations of displays connected to the system
oCwxDropSourceThis class represents a source for a drag and drop operation
oCwxDropTargetThis class represents a target for a drag and drop operation
oCwxDynamicLibraryWxDynamicLibrary is a class representing dynamically loadable library (Windows DLL, shared library under Unix etc)
oCwxDynamicLibraryDetailsThis class is used for the objects returned by the wxDynamicLibrary::ListLoaded() method and contains the information about a single module loaded into the address space of the current process
oCwxEventFilterA global event filter for pre-processing all the events generated in the program
oCwxEventLoopActivatorMakes an event loop temporarily active
oCwxEventLoopBaseBase class for all event loop implementations
oCwxExecuteEnvThis structure can optionally be passed to wxExecute() to specify additional options to use for the child process
oCwxFFileWxFFile implements buffered file I/O
oCwxFileA wxFile performs raw file I/O
oCwxFileNameWxFileName encapsulates a file name
oCwxFileTypeThis class holds information about a given file type
oCwxFileTypeInfoContainer of information about wxFileType
oCwxFontEnumeratorWxFontEnumerator enumerates either all available fonts on the system or only the ones with given attributes - either only fixed-width (suited for use in programs such as terminal emulators and the like) or the fonts available in the given encoding)
oCwxFontInfoThis class is a helper used for wxFont creation using named parameter idiom: it allows to specify various wxFont attributes using the chained calls to its clearly named methods instead of passing them in the fixed order to wxFont constructors
oCwxFontListA font list is a list containing all fonts which have been created
oCwxFontMapperWxFontMapper manages user-definable correspondence between logical font names and the fonts present on the machine
oCwxFontMetricsSimple collection of various font metrics
oCwxFSVolumeWxFSVolume represents a volume (also known as 'drive') in a file system under wxMSW
oCwxGBPositionThis class represents the position of an item in a virtual grid of rows and columns managed by a wxGridBagSizer
oCwxGBSpanThis class is used to hold the row and column spanning attributes of items in a wxGridBagSizer
oCwxGenericAboutDialogThis class defines a customizable About dialog
oCwxGraphicsGradientStopRepresents a single gradient stop in a collection of gradient stops as represented by wxGraphicsGradientStops
oCwxGraphicsGradientStopsRepresents a collection of wxGraphicGradientStop values for use with CreateLinearGradientBrush and CreateRadialGradientBrush
oCwxGridCellCoordsRepresents coordinates of a grid cell
oCwxGridCornerHeaderRendererBase class for corner window renderer
oCwxGridSizesInfoWxGridSizesInfo stores information about sizes of all wxGrid rows or columns
oCwxGridTableMessageA simple class used to pass messages from the table to the grid
oCwxGridUpdateLockerThis small class can be used to prevent wxGrid from redrawing during its lifetime by calling wxGrid::BeginBatch() in its constructor and wxGrid::EndBatch() in its destructor
oCwxHashMapThis is a simple, type-safe, and reasonably efficient hash map class, whose interface is a subset of the interface of STL containers
oCwxHashSetThis is a simple, type-safe, and reasonably efficient hash set class, whose interface is a subset of the interface of STL containers
oCwxHeaderButtonParamsThis struct can optionally be used with wxRendererNative::DrawHeaderButton() to specify custom values used to draw the text or bitmap label
oCwxHeaderColumnRepresents a column header in controls displaying tabular data such as wxDataViewCtrl or wxGrid
oCwxHelpProviderWxHelpProvider is an abstract class used by a program implementing context-sensitive help to show the help text for the given window
oCwxHtmlBookRecordHelper class for wxHtmlHelpData
oCwxHtmlHelpDataItemHelper class for wxHtmlHelpData
oCwxHtmlModalHelpThis class uses wxHtmlHelpController to display help in a modal dialog
oCwxHtmlParserClasses derived from this handle the generic parsing of HTML documents: it scans the document and divide it into blocks of tags (where one block consists of beginning and ending tag and of text between these two tags)
oCwxHtmlRenderingInfoThis class contains information given to cells when drawing them
oCwxHtmlRenderingStateSelection state is passed to wxHtmlCell::Draw so that it can render itself differently e.g
oCwxHtmlRenderingStyleWxHtmlSelection is data holder with information about text selection
oCwxHtmlTagThis class represents a single HTML tag
oCwxHtmlWindowInterfaceAbstract interface to a HTML rendering window (such as wxHtmlWindow or wxHtmlListBox) that is passed to wxHtmlWinParser
oCwxIconLocationWxIconLocation is a tiny class describing the location of an (external, i.e
oCwxIdManagerWxIdManager is responsible for allocating and releasing window IDs
oCwxInitializerCreate an object of this class on the stack to initialize/cleanup the library automatically
oCwxItemContainerImmutableWxItemContainer defines an interface which is implemented by all controls which have string subitems each of which may be selected
oCwxKeyboardStateProvides methods for testing the state of the keyboard modifier keys
oCwxLanguageInfoEncapsulates a wxLanguage identifier together with OS-specific information related to that language
oCwxLinuxDistributionInfoA structure containing information about a Linux distribution as returned by the lsb_release utility
oCwxList< T >The wxList<T> class provides linked list functionality
oCwxListItemAttrRepresents the attributes (color, font, ...) of a wxListCtrl's wxListItem
oCwxLocaleWxLocale class encapsulates all language-dependent settings and is a generalization of the C locale concept
oCwxLogWxLog class defines the interface for the log targets used by wxWidgets logging functions as explained in the Logging Overview
oCwxLogFormatterWxLogFormatter class is used to format the log messages
oCwxLogNullThis class allows you to temporarily suspend logging
oCwxLogRecordInfoInformation about a log record (unit of the log output)
oCwxLongLongThis class represents a signed 64 bit long number
oCwxMatrix2DA simple container for 2x2 matrix
oCwxMBConvThis class is the base class of a hierarchy of classes capable of converting text strings between multibyte (SBCS or DBCS) encodings and Unicode
oCwxMemoryBufferA wxMemoryBuffer is a useful data structure for storing arbitrary sized blocks of memory
oCwxMessageOutputSimple class allowing to write strings to various output channels
oCwxMessageQueue< T >WxMessageQueue allows passing messages between threads
oCwxMimeTypesManagerThis class allows the application to retrieve information about all known MIME types from a system-specific location and the filename extensions to the MIME types and vice versa
oCwxModalDialogHookAllows to intercept all modal dialog calls
oCwxMsgCatalogRepresents a loaded translations message catalog
oCwxMutexA mutex object is a synchronization object whose state is set to signaled when it is not owned by any thread, and nonsignaled when it is owned
oCwxMutexLockerThis is a small helper class to be used with wxMutex objects
oCwxNativeFontInfoWxNativeFontInfo is platform-specific font representation: this class should be considered as an opaque font description only used by the native functions, the user code can only get the objects of this type from somewhere and pass it somewhere else (possibly save them somewhere using ToString() and restore them using FromString())
oCwxNode< T >WxNode<T> is the node structure used in linked lists (see wxList) and derived classes
oCwxNumberFormatterHelper class for formatting and parsing numbers with thousands separators
oCwxObjectThis is the root class of many of the wxWidgets classes
oCwxObjectDataPtr< T >This is an helper template class primarily written to avoid memory leaks because of missing calls to wxRefCounter::DecRef() and wxObjectRefData::DecRef()
oCwxObjectRefDataThis class is just a typedef to wxRefCounter and is used by wxObject
oCwxOverlayCreates an overlay over an existing window, allowing for manipulations like rubberbanding, etc
oCwxPenListThere is only one instance of this class: wxThePenList
oCwxPersistenceManagerProvides support for automatically saving and restoring object properties to persistent storage
oCwxPersistentObjectBase class for persistent object adapters
oCwxPGChoicesHelper class for managing choices of wxPropertyGrid properties
oCwxPlatformInfoThis class holds information about the operating system, the toolkit and the basic architecture of the machine where the application is currently running
oCwxPointA wxPoint is a useful data structure for graphics operations
oCwxPositionThis class represents the position of an item in any kind of grid of rows and columns such as wxGridBagSizer, or wxHVScrolledWindow
oCwxPreferencesEditorManage preferences dialog
oCwxPreferencesPageOne page of preferences dialog
oCwxPropagateOnceHelper class to temporarily lower propagation level
oCwxPropagationDisablerHelper class to temporarily change an event to not propagate
oCwxPropertyGridInterfaceMost of the shared property manipulation interface shared by wxPropertyGrid, wxPropertyGridPage, and wxPropertyGridManager is defined in this class
oCwxProtocolLogClass allowing to log network operations performed by wxProtocol
oCwxRealPointA wxRealPoint is a useful data structure for graphics operations
oCwxRectA class for manipulating rectangles
oCwxRecursionGuardWxRecursionGuard is a very simple class which can be used to prevent reentrancy problems in a function
oCwxRecursionGuardFlagThis is a completely opaque class which exists only to be used with wxRecursionGuard, please see the example in that class' documentation
oCwxRefCounterThis class is used to manage reference-counting providing a simple interface and a counter
oCwxRegExWxRegEx represents a regular expression
oCwxRegKeyWxRegKey is a class representing the Windows registry (it is only available under Windows)
oCwxRendererNativeFirst, a brief introduction to wxRendererNative and why it is needed
oCwxRendererVersionThis simple struct represents the wxRendererNative interface version and is only used as the return value of wxRendererNative::GetVersion()
oCwxRibbonArtProviderWxRibbonArtProvider is responsible for drawing all the components of the ribbon interface
oCwxRichTextContextMenuPropertiesInfoWxRichTextContextMenuPropertiesInfo keeps track of objects that appear in the context menu, whose properties are available to be edited
oCwxRichTextLineThis object represents a line in a paragraph, and stores offsets from the start of the paragraph representing the start and end positions of the line
oCwxRichTextObjectAddressA class for specifying an object anywhere in an object hierarchy, without using a pointer, necessary since wxRTC commands may delete and recreate sub-objects so physical object addresses change
oCwxRichTextRangeThis stores beginning and end positions for a range of data
oCwxRichTextSelectionStores selection information
oCwxRichTextTableBlockStores the coordinates for a block of cells
oCwxRichToolTipAllows to show a tool tip with more customizations than wxToolTip
oCwxScopedArray< T >A scoped array template class
oCwxScopedCharTypeBuffer< T >WxScopedCharTypeBuffer<T> is a template class for storing characters
oCwxScopedCharTypeBuffer< char >
oCwxScopedCharTypeBuffer< wchar_t >
oCwxScopedPtrThis is a simple scoped smart pointer implementation that is similar to the Boost smart pointers (see but rewritten to use macros instead
oCwxScopedPtr< T >A scoped pointer template class
oCwxScopeGuardScope guard is an object which allows executing an action on scope exit
oCwxSemaphoreWxSemaphore is a counter limiting the number of threads concurrently accessing a shared resource
oCwxServerA wxServer object represents the server part of a client-server DDE-like (Dynamic Data Exchange) conversation
oCwxSharedPtr< T >A smart pointer with non-intrusive reference counting
oCwxSingleInstanceCheckerWxSingleInstanceChecker class allows to check that only a single instance of a program is running
oCwxSizeA wxSize is a useful data structure for graphics operations
oCwxSizerFlagsContainer for sizer items flags providing readable names for them
oCwxSplitterRenderParamsThis is just a simple struct used as a return value of wxRendererNative::GetSplitterParams()
oCwxStack< T >WxStack<T> is similar to std::stack and can be used exactly like it
oCwxStackFrameWxStackFrame represents a single stack frame, or a single function in the call stack, and is used exclusively together with wxStackWalker, see there for a more detailed discussion
oCwxStackWalkerWxStackWalker allows an application to enumerate, or walk, the stack frames (the function callstack)
oCwxStandardPathsWxStandardPaths returns the standard locations in the file system and should be used by applications to find their data files in a portable way
oCwxStatusBarPaneA status bar pane data container used by wxStatusBar
oCwxStopWatchAllow you to measure time intervals
oCwxStreamBaseThis class is the base class of most stream related classes in wxWidgets
oCwxStreamBufferWxStreamBuffer is a cache manager for wxStreamBase: it manages a stream buffer linked to a stream
oCwxStreamToTextRedirectorThis class can be used to (temporarily) redirect all output sent to a C++ ostream object to a wxTextCtrl instead
oCwxStringString class for passing textual data to or receiving it from wxWidgets
oCwxStringBufferThis tiny class allows you to conveniently access the wxString internal buffer as a writable pointer without any risk of forgetting to restore the string to the usable state later
oCwxStringBufferLengthThis tiny class allows you to conveniently access the wxString internal buffer as a writable pointer without any risk of forgetting to restore the string to the usable state later, and allows the user to set the internal length of the string
oCwxSVGBitmapHandlerAbstract base class for handling bitmaps inside a wxSVGFileDC
oCwxTempFileWxTempFile provides a relatively safe way to replace the contents of the existing file
oCwxTextAttrWxTextAttr represents the character and paragraph attributes, or style, for a range of text in a wxTextCtrl or wxRichTextCtrl
oCwxTextAttrBorderA class representing a rich text object border
oCwxTextAttrBordersA class representing a rich text object's borders
oCwxTextAttrDimensionA class representing a rich text dimension, including units and position
oCwxTextAttrDimensionConverterA class to make it easier to convert dimensions
oCwxTextAttrDimensionsA class for left, right, top and bottom dimensions
oCwxTextAttrSizeA class for representing width and height
oCwxTextBoxAttrA class representing the box attributes of a rich text object
oCwxTextCompleterBase class for custom text completer objects
oCwxTextEntryCommon base class for single line text entry fields
oCwxTextFileThe wxTextFile is a simple class which allows to work with text files on line by line basis
oCwxTextInputStreamThis class provides functions that reads text data using an input stream, allowing you to read text, floats, and integers
oCwxTextOutputStreamThis class provides functions that write text data using an output stream, allowing you to write text, floats, and integers
oCwxTextWrapperHelps wrap lines of text to given width
oCwxThreadA thread is basically a path of execution through a program
oCwxThreadHelperMix-in class that manages a single background thread, either detached or joinable (see wxThread for the differences)
oCwxTimerRunnerStarts the timer in its ctor, stops in the dtor
oCwxTimeSpanWxTimeSpan class represents a time interval
oCwxTipProviderThis is the class used together with wxShowTip() function
oCwxTrackableAdd-on base class for a trackable object
oCwxTranslationsThis class allows to get translations for strings
oCwxTranslationsLoaderAbstraction of translations discovery and loading
oCwxTreeItemIdAn opaque reference to a tree item
oCwxTreeListItemUnique identifier of an item in wxTreeListCtrl
oCwxTreeListItemComparatorClass defining sort order for the items in wxTreeListCtrl
oCwxUIActionSimulatorWxUIActionSimulator is a class used to simulate user interface actions such as a mouse click or a key press
oCwxULongLongThis class represents an unsigned 64 bit long number
oCwxUniCharThis class represents a single Unicode character
oCwxUniCharRefWriteable reference to a character in wxString
oCwxVarScrollHelperBaseThis class provides all common base functionality for scroll calculations shared among all variable scrolled window implementations as well as automatic scrollbar functionality, saved scroll positions, controlling target windows to be scrolled, as well as defining all required virtual functions that need to be implemented for any orientation specific work
oCwxVector< T >WxVector<T> is a template class which implements most of the std::vector class and can be used like it
oCwxVersionInfoWxVersionInfo contains version information
oCwxVideoModeDetermines the sizes and locations of displays connected to the system
oCwxVisualAttributesStruct containing all the visual attributes of a control
oCwxWeakRefDynamic< T >WxWeakRefDynamic<T> is a template class for weak references that is used in the same way as wxWeakRef<T>
oCwxWebViewHandlerThe base class for handling custom schemes in wxWebView, for example to allow virtual file system support
oCwxWebViewHistoryItemA simple class that contains the URL and title of an element of the history of a wxWebView
oCwxWindowDisablerThis class disables all windows of the application (may be with the exception of one of them) in its constructor and enables them back in its destructor
oCwxWindowUpdateLockerThis tiny class prevents redrawing of a wxWindow during its lifetime by using wxWindow::Freeze() and wxWindow::Thaw() methods
oCwxWithImagesA mixin class to be used with other classes that use a wxImageList
oCwxXLocaleThis class represents a locale object used by so-called xlocale API
oCwxXmlAttributeRepresents a node attribute
oCwxXmlNodeRepresents a node in an XML document
\CwxZipNotifierIf you need to know when a wxZipInputStream updates a wxZipEntry, you can create a notifier by deriving from this abstract base class, overriding wxZipNotifier::OnEntryUpdated()